Asbestos & Mould

We are Southwestern Ontario’s only Mould Specialists!  We have a team dedicated to mould and in 2016 alone we had over 10,000 hours spent removing mould from homes and building.

R.C White uses the most effect products to eliminate mould from your home.  We have worked with many different companies in order to create a three step procedure which eliminates and prevents the regrowth of mould.

R.C White does not and refuses to use bleach.  Bleach is not effective in removing and preventing mould.  Bleach loses its effectiveness over time, it is toxic, and it does not work on porous surface.  R.C White uses the most effective products on the market today, some of these products are even safe to drink!!

Why Call Us

  • R.C White understands that mould is usually a symptom of a problem. For example, mould occurs because of moisture and if we remediate the mould but do not fix the problem the chances of the mould coming back are 99%. At R.C White we eliminate the problem and their symptoms.

  • If you want to mask the problem, use bleach if you want to eliminate the problem R.C White will design a remediation solution designed specifically for your problem. We will remove the mould, treat the area, prevent the regrowth of mould, and we will rebuild the area if required.

  • We have a proven track record, and have completed more than 10,000 Mould remediation projects.  

  • We will not cut corners as your health is our number one priority

  • R.C White will not take on a job or do a job that cannot be completed properly.

Our Small Mould remediation can take place using the following steps:

  • Hepa Vacuum the Area

  • Damp wipe the surface with a biocide

  • Treat the area with a product that aids in the prevention of mould regeneration

  • Dispose of the Mould