Asbestos & Mould

Testing for mould in a home is very complex. There are numerous ways to complete this and R.C White does not test for mould, as it requires a Professional Environmental Hygienist. There are often Home Inspectors or Mould Remediation contractors who advertise they will test for mould by using tape lift kits and or visual inspections, We at R.C White can provide that service as well; however, these test only work if you can see the mould.

Moulds produce allergens, and in some cases produce toxins which could have the potential to cause serious health problems. Mould can be especially dangerous to infants, the elderly, anyone with breathing disorders and is known to trigger allergic reactions.

In most cases, mould growth is a result of a previous water problem that never dried properly or high humidity levels that went unattended. Mould can grow on virtually any substance as long as moisture is present. Moisture control is the key to mould control. The best advice we can give is if you experience water leaks, flooding or spills you need to react immediately.